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  1. I open, the web based EN go into each note, click share, type in my email and send, then it appears on my desktop version... I am logged into the same account online & desktop. An just to confuse matters, I have just logged into my iPad version, and all the original notebooks are on that??? Talk about confusing!!!
  2. No nothing... but thank you for all your help.... I am having to go through each note individually and share it with myself, tried the share notebook, but that's not working either... very time consuming...
  3. Thank you, I will give that a try, No nothing, its completely empty I added some notes in the online version the other day and they are now showing on the desktop version, but none of the older ones???
  4. Since updating to Catalinia, I have lost all my notebooks on my desktop version and it will not sync with my online version. All the content seems to be online? Am I missing something stupid????
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