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  1. I've had the same problem as the OP since I downloaded the app, although I've only had the app (from Microsoft store) for a couple months. Seems to be some sort of bug, but it was the strangest sequence of actions that fixed it for me. When the app is closed and there's no icon in the system tray, I open the program, and no window opens, jus the icon appears in the tray. I click on the icon, and a small window pops up. I maximize it, close the app, then the exact same thing happens every time I try to open the app. Here's the fix: after clicking the icon in the tray that now opens up a small window, instead of going straight to maximize it, manually adjust the size of the window to be larger. I happened to make it close to the full monitor size, but I don't think that's important. Then I did a File -> Exit (so the icon is gone from the system tray), and the next time I opened the app, it opened straight to the now larger size (without having to click the system tray icon). I closed and tested a couple times, and it still worked. Then I maximized the window before closing it, and now it opens maximized each time like it should, when opening the app from fully closed state. Such a weird glitch.
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