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  1. Thanks for the feedback and the link. Regarding which comments, I was referring to several comments I'd seen regarding the subject that came back after simply searching Forum for "special character" - https://discussion.evernote.com/search/?q="special character". I'm new to the EN User Forum, but seems to be a lot of useful info posted out here. Thanks again for the info and link you shared.
  2. I've noticed that when using EN Search on Win10 PC, I cannot find notes when the search involves only special characters (except maybe underscore). I'm using the latest EN version for Win10. I don't have this problem on my Android phone (as long as I don't use the "intitle" function). From looking at Forum comments, I think the EN Developers are aware of this limitation. Are there any plans to fix this limitation? This would be especially useful if at least allowed with the "intitle" search function. It would be greatly appreciated if this could be addressed in a future update.
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