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  1. So here's what I have noticed since my previous post: If you screen cap your selection, you need to go to the EDIT button at the top-left of your screen. In the drop-down menu, select COPY IMAGE. You can then paste in MAIL and in iMessage. However, what I have noticed is if you screen cap and attempt to DRAG into MAIL/iMessage, this will not work. Further, if you attempt to COPY IMAGE from drop-down menu, after having attempted to DRAG, it will also not work. You will need to capture again followed by the EDIT / COPY IMAGE / PASTE (into Mail or iMessage). Hope this helps some of
  2. Having this same issue now (dragging/drop OR copy/paste image into iMessage) since upgraded to Catalina. Never had issues before wad was up to date. Mac OS Catalina Skitch 2.8.4. I have already toggled the Screen Recording (fixed the desktop capture) but doesn't fix that I can't drag/drop OR copy/paste my screenshot into iMessage
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