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  1. Thank you very much or your help! I will consider purchasing for a month.
  2. Okay so I've been at this for a while so bear with me if I'm in the wrong place. I can't find where to just get help!! I have to copy my class notes from Evernote to a mind map as per my teacher's wishes. I'd been doing this for a while when I realized one of my notes was missing - I have concluded that I'd written over one of my notes with a new one because I thought I had duplicated the note when I hadn't. I really need to get that note back. I wanted to restore it with Note History but of course that's a premium feature. I feel like I've been trying to get a premium free trial for AGES. I open the page where the free trial is offered - https://evernote.com/business/choose-plan - but as soon as I log in I'm sent to the web client. I can't get a premium free trial within there. Every time I revisit the main page I've been logged out. It's extremly frustrating - I really need that note back!! Any tips? Am I doing it wrong? Please help! Thank you very much!!
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