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  1. That's very admirable, but, I paid for web clipper function as advertised, namely on Safari. If this were a professional outfit they would: 1. Have given long standing, loyal users that the service was about to be withdrawn. 2. Given a definite time frame for when the service would be re instated. 3. NEVER had allowed it to happen in the first place. Evernote is toast!
  2. I find it both surprising and disappointing that Evernote would allow the Safari Web clipper to simply fall off a cliff. I purchased the software specifically for this function, and for it to be discontinued with no warning nor explanation is pathetic. I have no confidence in a company which treats it's customers with such disregard and will be cancelling my subscription when it comes due for renewal. Evernote is not a 'cheap' programme, but it obviously hasn't invested the monies it has received in staff to provide a timely update when necessary.
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