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  1. The whole Jump To box has gone it seems. It was something I used all the time. Also frustrating is that some hotkeys / shortcuts still do not work. I cannot get the All Notes (Option+Cmd+2) to work on my Mac and now the internal link generator does not work either. Very frustrating!
  2. Yes @brian_t_grant, all the other Cmd-Opt shortcuts work fine, including Cmd-Opt-1 to get back to the new Home screen. Cmd-Opt-2 gives me nothing which is a pain as I use the All Notes view often. Not sure what else I can do to make it work if you are saying it works for you?
  3. I have updated to the latest version and disappointed to find the shortcut to All Notes / Open Notes (Option + Command + 2) still does not work. This was a bug when v10 first came out and still needs to be fixed. All the other navigation shortcuts seem to work well but why this one being ignored?
  4. This is working for me but I have found that the previous hotkey for All Notes does not now work!
  5. The new Mac app is not picking up the sharing settings of shared notebooks and disallowing notes to be moved or copied into them. It is showing them as locked when trying to move or copy a note into the shared notebook. It does allow editing of notes already in the notebook so the edit settings are working.
  6. What sort of layout are you looking for? I have various ones which I am happy to upload to the forum.
  7. Can't agree more with what DaJoLo says. The Safari 13 plug-in issue is a fiasco, an initial fix was promised this week and has not arrived. I am a long term Evernote user but am seriously considering moving to Apple Notes if things do not get any better. Come on Evernote.... you are better than this!
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