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  1. I suppose the window itself existing is fine, but I really don't want it popping up and switching focus from wherever else I'm working. Yesterday it stayed for at least 10 seconds (laptop is admittedly old and slow at this point, and it's been a while since I last used EN). Today, when I opened it again, less than 2 seconds. I don't care how long it's there, how long it takes to open up, but it shouldn't switch the active window to itself.
  2. I finally got a screenshot after N months... It's not that; I disabled start on log in. I open Evernote just when I need it, which isn't all the time, since I use a different set of notes for work, non-work projects, and other stuff. This little "Opening database" is the window I was talking about that appears when it launches. I understand that it needs to do this to sync, but all I'm saying is that it doesn't need to grab focus to do that. I don't want it to steal focus from where I'm working. It's bad UX.
  3. Not sure whether to post this in feedback or here in the Windows section, since this happens on the desktop version only. As stated in title, whenever Evernote starts up, it shows a little window that says Loading (or starting) that I always tab out of, since I'm doing something else. But this happens multiple times during that startup period. Why does it need to gain window focus just to initialize? It breaks me out of my work zone; I'm typing something and suddenly my input isn't being registered since focus is on that annoying little window. It shouldn't do that. Is it possible to get around this somehow?
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