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  1. Installed the new version of Evernote on my iPad and iPhone XR (iOS 14.0). The one-time mandatory Welcome! / upgrade announcement screens that you have to page through seems very clunky. Paging through those on the iPad I could see a checkbox in lower right that I could click on and get to the app to use it. But for the iPhone version it would never let me actually click the checkbox. I was in Welcome announcement Purgatory. I kept thinking there would be an update to Evernote to fix this but it hasn’t appeared. Each day I go into Evernote on my iPhone and try it again and it was t
  2. I personally pay for and love Evernote. I use it at home and at work so have multiple installs. I'd like to not have all my personal folders synch to my work computer. Please consider enabling a folder by folder selection (at the parent level) - or a home / work group that triggers. Then I could select to only select the work group folders (or one by one select work folders) so that my bloated personal folders don't synch to my work computer. Thanks!
  3. how about a search feature to find notes with multiple tags?? Yeah its easy to find everything with tag “F” or “U” but how about a note tagged with both “F” & “U”?
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