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  1. If I use Web Clipper to save a web page as a Note in EN, does that Note remain accessible to me even if the web page from which it came is no longer available on the web?
  2. I see that when I bring a Word doc (for example) into EN, it's still a Word doc (as opposed to the content as if I had copied and pasted into EN). That makes sense - the formatting is kept intact. Q1. Are there any disadvantages of retaining the content in its Word doc form? Q2. Can you think of any situation when it would make more sense to bring in the content only?
  3. I am new to Evernote and I'm wondering what is a good way to begin. I have lots of notes and info, mostly in Word docs and PDFs. Do I somehow bring those entire documents into EN or do I need to copy the contents of those documents and paste as notes into EN? Suggestions appreciated!
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