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  1. For several months now, whenever I have Evernote running on my Mac I've noticed the corespotlightd process takes a higher than expected CPU percentage. It could be anywhere from 25% - 45%. It's significant enough that it drains my battery more quickly than it used to (I've been using Evernote for a couple years). It got to the point where I stopped using Evernote and switched to OneNote. But after using OneNote for a while, I think I like Evernote a lot better. So, I'm back to trying to figure out why corespotlightd keeps running with a high CPU percent when Evernote is running. I uninstalled Evernote and reinstalled and still get the same behaviour. I've let it run for a long time so if it's indexing, it's really taking a long time. Any suggestions for how I can resolve this? Paul
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