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  1. Good afternoon! That's better. But. Since I have a large database of about 2000 notes with research numbers, phone numbers and other numbers, the introduction of "40" or "40 80" leads to the discovery of many notes. And the necessary note there is far not in the first place (A telephone number can be searched more or less accurately for the last 4 digits. It is difficult to do this with your method (.
  2. Im using windows 10 and android os 9.0 EXAMPLE https://www.evernote.com/l/AsZEl8lNH2FLwLU0EprHAty6Mx1t7k46rTs/ how can I search for a number in the search, if it is entered into my notes by copying from different instant messengers and I have no way to enter the phone number according to one example. And editing takes time and it’s inconvenient
  3. Good afternoon! I have a customer database in Evernote. Every time I suffer when I need to find a client by phone number. Since the program you need to enter the number exactly as it is written without spaces or hyphens. If the number is 8 (905) 7194838, then I can’t find it either as 89057194838, or as part of the number (which is the most inconvenient), that is, “4838”. For example, in Samsung Note, you could search calmly by any part of the number or word. Evernote requires me to remember how each number was entered. It is inconvenient to introduce them all in one pattern. The same goes f
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