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  1. Hey there - just wanted to let you (and anyone else) know that this solved my problem. Thank you!! I'm not picky about version so I'll just use the old one as long as Evernote lets me. Doesn't really answer the question of "why" but sufficed to say it seems to be something about the new version (and not, for example, a coincidentally-timed browser update).
  2. Since the release of the new version of the web client a few weeks ago, I find that any time I print a note, only the first page actually prints. It seems as if the client sizes the "viewing area" for the note to the size of one printed page, and then prints what you can see in that view, but then the second page is just blank (with the usual printer header information). I've tried Chrome and Firefox, different printers, full-screen vs. sidebar, and all have the same issue. I see posts on this board from months ago reporting similar problems, but I only started encountering this after the latest web client update a few weeks ago. I have been printing a note or two every week out of the web client for years now without trouble. Any suggestions? I've attached an example of what it looks like when I print to PDF so you can see what I mean - the exact same issue happens on paper. All Notes - Evernote Web - lorem.pdf
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