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  1. I have been an evernote user for years like 8 to 10 years, but never been a daily user. I primarily use evernote for archiving purposes since it has tagging and very nice search and OCR. However, I would prefer to own my data and be able to house my data on my private cloud which is a Nextcloud instance, and I would presume other people may use other cloud services like Google Drive etc. I feel it would be pretty cool to have the choice to use my Nextcloud instance as a backend to house my notes and notebooks while the front end could be Evernote. Now i know that there is a way to ha
  2. So i get that this exact feature the way it is designed is a hack as using a wildcard after a tag is not really a good way to do this. If you see my use case on the other thread then I think, perhaps, you may see the distinction. I use top level tags as merely dividers at times and never have notes attached to them because then you would have to constantly remember to add the top level tag then the child tags. Also naming tags "protein - chicken", "protein - turkey" is not sustainable. Again i could be just an outlier here on the way i use tags as I use them more for contexts and sometime
  3. Can this not be a feature for all platforms? This is something that I just posted on reddit here:
  4. Perhaps some context can help with my question. Let's say I am a cocktail enthusiast and I like to save cocktail recipes into an evernote Cocktail Recipe Evernote Notebook. For better lookup purposes I can make a cocktail tag to organize in a hierarchy every tag that I want to use exclusively for this notebook. Let's say I save a few recipes in there and I want to then tag each recipe with the liquor associated with each recipe for a quick reference so I would create another hierarchy tag that is called liquor but I won't necessarily want to tag my recipes with that tag but only with the sub t
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