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  1. Good Morning, The changes I would make in the editor after testing the beta would be the following: - Underlined words, yellow and red should be somewhat more phosphorite as in real life, they are too pastel and diluted in the text. - Please add the justified style, please add justified style to the text. - The notes should have a more visible date of creation both outside the notebook and inside the note when opening the note to know when it is, that helps companies a lot. - To also be able to establish reminder notices for notes and checklists, that helps companies a lot. - Simplify the notepad change system - Improve when you open a quick note and do not have time to assign it to any site that is assigned to a standard booklet type "Transits" To improve the ergonomics of the application, it would be necessary to implement these changes as a minimum to be able to attract new users who are currently on other payment platforms Thank you.
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