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  1. I'm on a MacBook Pro. Been using Evernote about 5 years; I keep inventory on it - basic subscription, personal use, no file sharing, no links, no external media or internet retrieval, just really simple straightforward data input and storage. As of this AM, every time I try to use Evernote, it locks up my PC - completely. I can log in and look, but if I try to use any function (typing, cut, copy, paste, etc.I, my PC locks up to the point that the only thing that works is the power button. Seriously - no cursor, no typing - nothing. There was a Safari update this morning, so I assumed that was the cause of the problem; after 2 hours w/Apple support they finally advised me to contact Evernote support. Two hours and two support people into the problem, they concluded the only thing they could recommend would be an uninstall/reinstall Evernote. That's a little hard considering I don't have Evernote housed on my PC, just the Cloud. Can't uninstall something that isn't installed to start with. And, as far as I can figure out, community forums are as close to support as Evernote offers (at least to basic users). I feel like a hamster on a wheel; I keep running but get no closer to a solution. I'd be willing to upgrade my subscription if I thought that would open a support door. Has anyone else ever encountered this? What's the fix? Oh, and my extension was deleted, but that I can fix.
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