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  1. Thank you for the link! I probably should have reinstalled the app first thing, but it sounded like that was the case across all devices. Anyways, reinstalling did the trick and I can now access any note from the widget!! Thank you for all the help!!
  2. Ooo that is very creative! I was aware that you could perform internal references, but I had not considered this use. I may go with this as it offers more flexibility than the shortcuts option, and I can organize right from my home screen. Thank you ^-^
  3. Both my widgets are the same, as they both show the "Shortcuts" page. To be clear, this is the ONLY page that responds to the note I tap on the home screen of my phone. The shortcuts page can be used, but it is not ideal for my use as I would like to show two different widgets on my home screen. If I was to use shortcuts I would need to tap on the tag or search I have inserted before viewing the contents.
  4. I am trying to wrap my head around that, but I am not sure I understand. I desire to have multiple widgets on my homescreen that I can use to display different kinds of notes. For instance, I could have one widget display notes relating to "school" and the other "work". Currently, shortcuts appears to be the only way this is possible, but my widgets would be redundant and messy as there is no hierarchy or organization to shortcuts (that I know of). If I use saved searches, the same issue comes up of it not selecting the note. If I am missing something please let me know, this is something that would really elevate my productivity. Thanks for the help thus far!
  5. Hmmmm, so I just tested that and it works perfectly with shortcuts! I don't understand why notebooks and tags don't have the same basic functionality of going to where you tap. Is this pretty well known? I am just curious to why you suggested it xP
  6. Greetings, I am attempting to setup widgets for myself on android and I have encountered some inconsistencies. I desire to view a list of notes under a certain tag or notebook and be able to open a specific note from the home screen. It appears if Evernote is closed in the background, it will open right to the note I picked, as desired. HOWEVER, once Evernote is open, it will reopen the app to where I left off instead of the note I tap. So if i was last looking at a search in the app, and I tap a note from the homescreen, it will open that search instead of the note I chose. Is there something I am misunderstanding or is this a known issue? I couldn't find any info on it so I figured I would run it by you fellas. Thanks!
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