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  1. Since I use Alfred and it’s sync’d across my personal and work machine. It generates no matter where I open Evernote. sadly, I am moving everything to NotionSo, as it has many features I’ve been seeking.
  2. Would a Dark Mode Icon be possible? Right now I just replace my Evernote.icns with this one. But can you build this function in. To charge the icon based on settings.
  3. @Nick L. Seeing as @Shane D. hasn't chimed in and you seem active on the forums. Can you please look into this and get it resolved? I manage most apps through homebrew. And because you have two different versions, 1 on Evernote 1 on app store. I am forced to use the App Store version to have the latest. No offense, but this type of discrepancy, for this long, is a bit embarrassing. Product deployment is well, an essential part of development.
  4. Runs great! Only a few issues I see are carrying over. Slow scrolling on Mac (Only system I tested). When I have a note that is content from say a web article, scrolling is choppy and slow. Below is my system.
  5. You've inspired me enough to where I am updating my Dashboard template/scripts to incorporate emojis
  6. The content, is in the video I posted a little above in this thread. Its a single column table with multiple rows. He changes the colors of some cells, then just types in them as normal. Insert check boxes, changing text color etc.
  7. Which dashboard? Columns are all done with tables. A table cell can have many different formatting options that Evernote has.
  8. I am a Mac user. But as Sayre said, all this is able to be done on both platforms. "Dashboards" are just regular notes. The only difference is that they are ones people created for a reusable purpose. And spent time on formatting them further.
  9. See attached for dashboards like @Atif dashboard-2l8hrlgomov.compressed.mov
  10. So the "Dashboard" is in fact a Note, just one formatted for a specific purpose. I personally have a "Dashboard" notebook and a new note is generated everyday with my generated "Dashboard" which is things I look at and need daily.
  11. Worked....but took 18 gb of ram and was slow as ***** ! 😭
  12. Sublime Text could handle it. It'll take a moment to load. But I've loaded 5-6 gb files in that editor.
  13. Use: Daily this gets generated once I arrive at work. Once generated I use it for quick links to notes I use regularly, track tasks I do daily in the morning, get a daily verse from the Bible to read and study, and a beautiful picture. additionally, I take random notes at the bottom, which at the end of the day I revisit and generate more detailed notes from my thoughts. Automated using Automator AppleScript & Bash Bible verse, picture are unique daily and are generated from open source API's,
  14. Please see the video. Make sure you set the keyboard shortcut. That is what allows you to call the workflow in evernote. As you see I used ctrl + option + cmd + F Your OSX may ask that you for permission to work inside of Evernote. You need to allow this. Automator.mp4
  15. Perhaps this would work? if checkEvernote() then tell application "Evernote" set getSearchString to display dialog "Find" default answer "" set searchString to text returned of getSearchString set getReplaceString to display dialog "Replace" default answer "" set replaceString to text returned of getReplaceString set searchLen to count of searchString set theNotes to selection repeat with theNote in theNotes set noteContent to HTML content of theNote set HTML content of theNote to my replace_text(noteContent, searchString, replaceString) end repeat end tell end if on replace_text(this_text, search_string, replacement_string) set prevTIDs to AppleScript's text item delimiters set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the search_string set the item_list to every text item of this_text set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the replacement_string set this_text to the item_list as string set AppleScript's text item delimiters to prevTIDs return this_text end replace_text on checkEvernote() tell application "System Events" set activeApp to name of first application process whose frontmost is true if "Evernote" is in activeApp then return true else return false end if end tell end checkEvernote
  16. Attached. It is very straight forward and easily modifiable.
  17. Alfred Workflow via AppleScript for find and replace. This works only when Evernote is the "Active" Application. It also handles multiple notes. All you have to do is select which notes you want the text to be replaced in and it will replace it in all those notes. AlfredWorkflow Find and Replace.mov Evernote Find & Replace.alfredworkflow
  18. @Shane D. Update on this? I prefer to install via individual packages rather than App Store.
  19. Hmm, I'll confirm OS X Versions across my MacBooks and check if that is the issue.
  20. I thought that as well. However, on my personal MacBook I have 2.8.4 and on my work MacBook I have 2.8.1... Willing to take a screenshot. One has full Dark Mode one doesn't. Crazy huh
  21. I keep seeing individuals speak about Skitch 2.8.1 however my Skitch is at 2.8.1 and says that I have the latest version. How do I update?
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