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  1. Thank you so much for your kind reply. However, I think my case is little bit different from the causes you suggested unfortunately. This is because uploading and syncing work very well on other device(iPhone XS) and with another way(Web version on MacBook). This problem occurs only with application version of Evernote on MacBook. I am going to try this on another MacBook, I will let you know the result. Before that, I want to know whether this problem only occurs with me or others. Please let me know if someone is using Evernote App on MacBook without this kind of pro
  2. Hi, I have a serious problem with evernote on my Macbook. At first, I am using basic version of evernote now and using two devices, Macbook Air and iPhone XS. The symptom of my problem is that the notes which contains images are not synchronized on my Macbook. All other notes without images are working very well. However when I click the sync button the alert message pops up saying 'there are some notes which are not synchronized' and these notes are also showing up on my iPhone evernote application and web version with only text, without images. I cannot find the righ
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