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  1. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of that thread. It is good to know I'm not alone in my frustration. Using a different browser would require me to abandon a workflow I have spent a lot of time forming. It simply isn't an adequate solution.
  2. I appreciate your explanation and optimism, but it still won't fix the problem. I'm probably funneling my other complaints about where Evernote has been headed into this one issue.
  3. Hi, yes I did see that post. That is what sparked my initial outrage. Catalina has had a Beta version for developers for quite some time. Evernote wasn't blindsided by this release. They should have been prepared. The web clipper is a major piece of the Evernote puzzle, and so is compatibility with versions of MacOS. As a long time customer I am very upset that they don't even have an ETA just a "we're diligently working on it." The whole company has gone down hill since Phil L. left. I feel trapped. I'd leave but I'm so invested in the ecosystem so I can't. Evernote knows this and is taking u
  4. The news that you will not be ready with a new extension for the next OS is unacceptable. You knew it was coming. Is there an ETA on it? I have been an Evernote customer for almost 10 years. I rely on it. And now, because of this I can't upgrade until you get your $&#! together and release an update. This is ridiculous. Makes me regret ever touching your product. I doubt a moderator will approve this. But I don't know how else to complain. I read these articles about how Evernote is in trouble and I've ignored them. But now I'm not so sure.
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