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  1. Haha @jefito @PinkElephant, they implemented dark mode suck it
  2. What are you even talking about? Dark mode doesn't have to be related to the OS at all. In the end it's just applying different colors. They could easily let us switch to a mode with different colors when we want. It doesn't need to be linked to windows (which does actually have a dark mode). But yes, Evernote, we still need dark mode for windows. When programming switching back and forth to Evernote is blinding. Please. It's the only feature I've wanted for years.
  3. Evernote should be seriously embarassed. This is such a basic feature that has been requested for years. They even already implimented it on some platforms. Port it to windows already! Don't even know why I pay for evernote anymore...
  4. we need dark mode. We've needed it for years. no excuse as to why it's not here yet. I haven't noticed a single other new feature or performance enhancement, so I haven no idea what they're working on.
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