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  1. YES PLEASE!!!!!!! I was looking for a way to remove that and it seems it's not an option.
  2. That's exactly what I was thinking. Why is this "Need a little help?" box sticky? It's really ANNOYING The username also takes valuable screen state. I'd rather see more notebooks than my own username or this "Need a little help?" annoying sticky box.
  3. Yep, but what about autofill and password generation? Haven´t used file attachment encryption but definitively will check it out!
  4. Many thanks for the advice! My PC is secure too, I mean my User is password-protected. However, I´m the only User here because I really don't see the need of creating a new Guest user that would be barely used. It´s not as if my BF asks, "hey, what´s the PC login so I can run a music playlist or check something in Google" and I won't tell him (I don´t have NASA-worthy information in here haha). All in all, to be honest, this feature is not really a deal-breaker for me - I can certainly leave without it. I know it is important for many people though. (Actually, I tested OneNote for about a week - ON does have this feature, among other cool features like text-to-speech - but I switched back to EN and I´m happy about my decision - I was mainly frustrated by ON tags and sync issues. What I'm really doing is, I removed the EV desktop shortcut, removed the taskbar shortcut, and removed the "Recently Used Software" feature in the Start Menu. I added a keyboard shortcut to EV and I make sure of closing the EV window when I´m leaving my PC. So no, I didn't password-protect EV login because I want to access it quickly too. My main thinking is, if he doesn't know that I'm using this app, there's no reason for him to check it out of curiosity lol. Indeed! I found the "note presentation" feature in EV quite cool; I don´t see myself using it like never ever, but surely many people find it useful. The same with password protected notebooks in EV - a feature 450+ people have voted up for. I also don´t see myself adding a password in EV login because I want to access it quickly. It´s just overkill for the kind of information I store in there. Yep, I also don´t believe one app should be used for everything. EN is a note-taking app, not a password manager. I've used Lastpass for about 2 years and I wouldn´t store my passwords in Evernote either. Lastpass autofills login info automatically, it generates secure passwords, and has other login-security features that EV would never match, because EV isn´t designed for that!
  5. I also trust the EV and Google encryption, but there's still a local privacy matter, at least that's my only concern. For example, I've my digital personal journals in EV and I don't want my boyfriend to read it in my PC. Encrypting every note for this kind of things is just overkill. If I could encrypt the entire notebook, that would be much easier.
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first post here. Please excuse any grammar mistakes (I'm not a native English speaker, but I hope my point gets across). First off, let me start off by saying I'm the kind of user who would love to see nested folders as a feature in EN. I know many people think folder trees are the worst thing after... whatever. However, without folders, I find it difficult to organize all of my personal stuff, personal projects, business projects, and client projects without an additional structural level. I'm in a Premium tier and I thought it was enough since I'm just getting started, but then I saw Business accounts have 2 inboxes and work spaces. I think multiple inboxes or spaces would also work for a solopreneur or freelancer who could then separate personal stuff from business stuff and client stuff, and then we wouldn't need folder trees, right? However, the pricing tier is not friendly with solopreneurs or freelancers that work solo, since it requires a minimum of 2 users. Since I'm just getting started with my business, and there are lots of other things I've to pay for monthly, I can't really afford to pay for an additional unnecessary user when I work alone (at least, not now). Additionally, I think spaces are really meant for team work and collaboration. Maybe the EN team could implement an adaptation and pricing structure that works for solopreneurs and freelancers who could benefit from this feature or a light version of it? What do other users think about it? Many thanks! Zenaida
  7. +1 for this feature request. I can't keep a daily journal or save personal things because there are things I wouldn't like my BF to see.
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