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  1. @jefito, Thanks for the info on case! I understand that now. As for my comment on "namespacing," A namespace would be a tag prefix for tag grouping. For instance, Would work. All of the cited books would group in the tag system as "Book - *" or "Book:*" I did not know that "source" was a valid search term. What's rattling around in my mind are APA style "sources." Sorry, and thanks for the help, all!
  2. I'd like to be able to groom the growing set of tags. For example, I've created two tags, Prometheus and prometheus. Since they are unique, I now have notes linked to 2 different typings of the same word. I'd like to be able to fix the tags on all the notes that contain the one tag such that all notes point to the same tag. Also, I'd like to be able to namespace tags. For instance, source:Title_of_a_Book. Now, when I look at tags, I can see how many notes refer to that book. Thanks!
  3. Definitely a critical feature for any kind of advanced degree or research writing or publication. I'm very interested in using this platform to accelerate my research. Here's what I'm thinking. As a researcher, I need to source a source from a citation template. The template would tag the resulting note in some discoverable way (perhaps with source:<name> tag). The template would capture pertinent information about the source given their various formats: Books, journal articles, websites, etc. As a researcher, I need to create a citation from a citation template that permits the linking of the citation with a source and the citation's location information. source:book1 location:page-200 As a researcher, I need to export all sources in an acceptable format for inclusion into various document authoring software, e.g., Microsoft Word, Scrivener, etc. As a developer, I need an API to export all sources in JSON format. As a researcher, I need to export all sources in a rendered APA or MLA styled reference or bibliography such that, All sources have at least one reference All sources are filtered by notebook inclusion for example, export all sources sited in this notebook As a researcher, I need to export a list of all citations (note + source reference) As a researcher, I need to export a list of all citations filtered by label filtered by notebook
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