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  1. Try Nimbus Note web clipper. It has highlighting with choice of color plus email address in free version and 100 MB monthly in free version and more.
  2. I'd say it was a server glitch as I sometimes have an issue with my Sync failing and believe this to be a server issue at the time syncing was running as there is no other explanation for it.
  3. @gazumped Thanks for the insight. Very helpful. I would suggest using a leading character such as an underscore rather than another letter to facilitate uniqueness. For example, for the tag #_testing, an Evernote search for "testing" will locate instances of "testing" as well as "_testing" but a search for "_testing" will only locate that unique string. Just a thought.
  4. Ok, can my last email. It was that issue of a tag I used not being present. In my case it appended the missing tag, complete with the # symbol, to the end of the subject line when it added the noteto Evernote. Actually, even though the extra tags won't appear in my tags list, I can still search on the new tag with the #symbol in front of it.
  5. Has anyone had any issues using multiples tags, which I believe you are supposed to be able to do, when emailing in? The second and later tags appear on the subject line for me.
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