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  1. Hello all, This has been discussed before in regard to earlier versions, but I can't find anything on 10.0 and above. Any help is much appreciated! When I go to "preferences," the only option I am given is "Save Data at Log Out." There is no way for me to select a default note size. Also, ever since the "upgrade" (really a downgrade), all my notes have been transformed into 16-point font (they'd previously been 11- or 12-point). It seems I am now obligated to manually change the font of previously existing notes 😑 Finally, even when I "select all" (particularly when using a tabl
  2. Hello all, Yesterday I was taking notes during a class (after having installed the new version of Evernote, which is suuuper buggy), and I got a "sync error" message and was prompted to reload the note. When I reloaded the note, I lost some of the note's content. This happened 3 times in 10 minutes, with me losing content each time. There was no internet connectivity issue, as I was livestreaming the class with no problems. Even if there had been an internet connectivity problem, though, I was under the impression that Evernote saved all notes locally - therefore there would be no re
  3. Hi all, In the previous version of Evernote (which imho worked a lot better, in general), it was possible to use the "two-finger pinch" to either zoom in or out on a note, without changing the size of the font used in the note, and without resorting to ⌘= or ⌘- It's obviously very time-consuming to have to change the font size of the entire note when you want it to appear either larger or smaller on your screen, and the problem with using the ⌘= and ⌘- commands is that they zoom in on the entire app, which makes everything appear exceedingly (and unnecessarily) large. How can this fe
  4. Thank you for these suggestions - I suppose I will be forced to use them, like you, as Evernote doesn't seem to have any real interest in adding such features, despite many months of people asking for them. The two features I mentioned are ones that would be of particular interest to me, but listing all the others here doesn't seem to be of much use.
  5. Fun fact: facetious is one of only a very few words in the English language that contains all the vowels in order. My point was that - after spending a lot of time on these forums trying to find out how to make Evernote do very simple things like include more than one highlight color or perform find+replace, and after seeing that people have been requesting such things for quite some time, and after observing that 3rd-party developers have taken it upon themselves to create these work-arounds, one starts to wonder why tf Evernote isn't taking these simple, rather obvious suggestions into
  6. In other words: isn't it obvious that many people want the features that EverTool provides? Why doesn't Evernote develop these features within Evernote itself? My question is slightly disingenuous: I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Evernote is linked up to EverTool via some shell company within a shell company, and is taking our annual fee + $4.99 + the cost of whatever other add-ons we will inevitably need but which Evernote will not give us within the app itself, though many of the features we're asking for (more than one highlight color, for instance, or find+replace) are extremely s
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