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  1. Thank you for these suggestions - I suppose I will be forced to use them, like you, as Evernote doesn't seem to have any real interest in adding such features, despite many months of people asking for them. The two features I mentioned are ones that would be of particular interest to me, but listing all the others here doesn't seem to be of much use.
  2. Fun fact: facetious is one of only a very few words in the English language that contains all the vowels in order. My point was that - after spending a lot of time on these forums trying to find out how to make Evernote do very simple things like include more than one highlight color or perform find+replace, and after seeing that people have been requesting such things for quite some time, and after observing that 3rd-party developers have taken it upon themselves to create these work-arounds, one starts to wonder why tf Evernote isn't taking these simple, rather obvious suggestions into
  3. In other words: isn't it obvious that many people want the features that EverTool provides? Why doesn't Evernote develop these features within Evernote itself? My question is slightly disingenuous: I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Evernote is linked up to EverTool via some shell company within a shell company, and is taking our annual fee + $4.99 + the cost of whatever other add-ons we will inevitably need but which Evernote will not give us within the app itself, though many of the features we're asking for (more than one highlight color, for instance, or find+replace) are extremely s
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