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  1. Now I am afraid, some may not like my upcoming opinions 😟 First, just for reference... my test result notes are text only and maybe 2-3 pages printed in length. Also, I upgraded to Premium the 12th but am rethinking my decision based on my experience so far. Second, please forgive me for my mini-rant coming up because I'm likely to come across as a bigger witch than I really am 😂 Yesterday I contacted chat for help with this issue since I did pay for actual support. Admittedly, I've dealt with many "support" lately and they tap dance all over my last nerve. They make me feel like
  2. Please be patient with me, I've only been an EN member going on two weeks, and have a lot to figure out. For years I've kept a PHR (Personal Health Record) because I'm OCD and obsess over details. But mostly because I have to communicate to one doctor what another's doing so they're all on the same page. I also have ADHD which makes that difficult, especially when my PHR is now scattered in various Notes synced across my Apple devices, which is far from ideal. Today I've jumped headfirst into creating a new PHR using EN since I have two upcoming doctor appoints, and so far it's driving me
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