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  1. Good point, jefito - I would support the more general feature of searches-as-links, too.
  2. Feature suggestion: Hyperlinks/internal links to tags so that a reference to a tag could be inserted into another evernote note. This would allow you to reference the items that have been tagged with a specific tag in a longer note by clicking on the tag link. This might be enabled by having a "Copy internal link" function on a tag (from the navigator pane) which creates a URL for the tag of the form "evernote:///...", much as it is done for internal links to notes. The internal link to the tag could then be inserted into notes, word documents, etc., like any other internal link. When clicked, evernote would bring up a navigator of the notes having the tag, just as it would do if the tag were clicked from the favorites, tag view, or navigator pane. (Note that this is not the same use case as tagging the note with a tag, which, yes, I know I can do. The tag would be accessed within the flow of the document in association with explanatory text).
  3. Dave-in-Decatur - thanks for the idea on F11. I turned off the note list, but the behavior still persists. I also tried changing the note list sorting order back to "updated," but the behavior also persists (now multi-selecting the edited note and the last updated note, which is first in the list). Does anyone know - Is ALT-left arrow the best way to back up from an internal note link, or is there a better way that might work?
  4. I have narrowed the behavior down a bit: The jumping does NOT have anything to do with syncing The jumping behavior happens a few seconds after I have: Clicked on an "internal" evernote link in the note I am editing to go to another note, AND used the keyboard (ALT-left arrow) to go "back" from the linked note into the edited note, AND typed anything using the keyboard in the original edited note
  5. Hi All, I have a strange and annoying behavior to report. Frequently, while I am editing a note, Evernote will jump away from the note I am editing to the "multiple selected notes" screen. Always, two notes are "multi-selected" and they are always 1) the note I was editing and 2) the first note in the same notebook (I have the list sorted alphabetically by title A-Z, in snippet view). The "jumping" behavior may (I can't confirm yet) happen when the program auto syncs. This behavior has persisted through the last several updates. Windows 10, Desktop edition (308626) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
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