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  1. Yes, I understood you are a user. That’s why I wrote “other users”. Anyhow, I will check what is that reminder finder feature. Thank you for the quick replies! P.S if the workaround include writing scripts on Mac I think I will wait for the feature or move to another app 😊
  2. Thank you! As a new user that have memory problems: what’s the benefit of tasks app that doesn’t have recurring reminders? Look like you implemented a workaround but what about other users?
  3. Hi, i noticed there is no such feature. Now have to move my tasks to a different app. How can you guys not provide a feature that takes to developers 10 minutes to write?
  4. Hi, i am new to the app. I have added tags to notes after pressing the i icon on top of the note and putting the tag on the top line. I later press on the tag filter icon and the screen says there are no tags. Any idea? Amir
  5. Hi, I am new with the app. I have the iOS app. I am using add tag in a note. I go into the note again and still after pressing on the i icon I see add tag on the top. I go to the tags section to filter and it says no tags created. Any idea?
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