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  1. To follow up...maybe I'm alone, but I don't think people are looking for a table creator that makes everything pretty and presentable. I'm looking for secure storage of my data. I have vinyl records, housing lists, cooking and recipe information...all stuff that is most easily stored in table format and I just need the raw data to be stored. This is a pain in evernote.
  2. I'm very disappointed in evernotes table/spreadsheet functionality, which does not need to be very robust. Basically evernote should have a note type that is table, like it does for general notes, events, reminders. There should be native functionality that knows the first row is a header and not have to manually adjust colors and formatting just to appear as the field names. It would also be nice to manipulate the data types of each field like you can in google sheets (dates, numbers, strings). Is the evernote team working on this? I've seen requests for this in the past all the way back to 2012, but the best I could find was other people here trying to make the requester use google sheets instead. Which is an interesting business practice, drive customers to the competition...
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