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  1. @DTLow I totally get what you are saying. However, often when someone (like myself just 30 mins ago) is trying to get help but support chat is offline, we gravitate towards the forum for assistance. Before I found this particular post, I was unable to find anyone posting about similar behaviour. I've don't some troubleshooting and when scrolling in the macOS app after updating to v7.12, you'll see the Evernote process spike its CPU usage up to 100% when scrolling up and down a note. Also, for those that mentioned the Retina display being the issue, well I have the same issue when u
  2. Hi all, TL;DR - I'm new to the forum, an Enterprise technical support engineer (this means I'm not a noob noob) using Evernote Premium daily for work without issue. That is until I updated yesterday to v7.12 for macOS. Now scrolling through a note fullscreen or windowed mode causes Evernote to spike it's CPU usage to 90-100%. This is making Evernote unusable and I'm trying to study for an AWS certification exam...please help! I'm new to the forum as I've never had a need to post here. However, I'm having an issue today that I didn't have yesterday and the only differe
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