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  1. Hey @gazumped I am using well I guess I am using two separate devices. I use my iOS app a lot but the problem is with the desktop. Actually going through it again and thinking about what all the posters here said what I see is that I was mislead by the fact that EN highlights all occurrences of hat within the notes including that what etc but in fact it will only show those individual notes if there is a "hat" in there. So it actually just means I have to comb through it and find the actual hat and disregard the others. I was just being silly I guess thank you very much for your help it is muc
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to search through my Evernote notes for the word hat but it keeps bringing up other words that hat would be contained in (that, chat etc). So I am wondering if there's a way to search for just that word sort of like an inverted * (so instead of finding words that contain at least that it finds words that are only that). I tried using inverted commas and a space at either side of hat but no dice. Any suggestions? Thanks a million
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