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  1. not in my case. Therefor this topic and is. As for mobile -... look, you did not found that strange: modern phone with full HD resolution, excellent connection - and mistake. I use more complex (paid and not) app in my phone - no one failure. Sure - I understand - all can be. But solution only... subscription. Understand me - I’m not against subscription - it’s strange for me that there is no support at all for cases where the application is to blame. As for the note - I recovered it from emails and other sources, as it certified I keep copy sure. But it tooks me a time. And not even th
  2. It seems to be the only option ... And this is understood if I made a mistake and so on. But it feels like an app error. For which I have to subscribe. And the matter sure not in money.
  3. DTLow - thank you for assistance, but... All is waste now. The note was about month old. Yes I understood - may be the note is not deleted - but I can not reach it content. And - it is pity - no one connection with devs available. Because - I am sure - I did not make ANY wrong steps - copy > copy failure> the note is unavailable. And noway to realize what's going on... I am very afraid of Copy function now.
  4. when I am at your web platform: 1. There is no trash 2. trying to click Original view button inside disappeared note - I got: Access is denied.
  5. Thank you for the answer. The platform: Android\mobile. But another copy of evernote (win10) same time was synchronized and ... there is also no my note. What I would like to add: evernote works more then 5 years without problems. And we contact with clients by whats app often. I was at conference when got a request - need data quickly. The data was in evernote standard table template. All clear and accurate. I just wanted to copy the note and send it by whats app. But... LOST the information at all... that confused me. As for the trash - I checked sure. There is no note... But may be the
  6. Hi! There is a strange situation - first time for more then 5 years: I have some important information in the note. Client ask for it. I simply press - Note copy and... got : Now we can not copy articles requesting login and password for viewing. Ok - BUT! there is no any more the note! The letter image and big red cancel icon. I can't reach my note... The button Original view is not working... It's link: imap://dino127@gmail.com@imap.gmail.com:993/fetch>UID>/INBOX>74757 In a word - the note disappeared. What I did wrong? My be any suggestion how to recover i
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