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  1. I have this same concern Bill. There are times I go into a document to make a small adjustment and I don't want the date changed at all. I used to be able to change the modified/updated date back to the original but not anymore. This is also important for my workflow.
  2. I have this issue with tags also & sent feedback to Evernote with no response. It happens more with one tag than another. I can't trust that all the notes will be there when I search by tag. Is there a limit to the amount of notes that can be under the same "tag"? The new tagged notes stopped showing up after it reached 340 notes with that tag. Evernote for Mac 10.8.5
  3. I'm sorry this got long but here is a transcript of my chat with Evernote technical support today (2/7/2020): you • 6:05:02 pm Evernote Spotlight Quit Unexpectedly is popping up on my computer several times a day and is a major topic in the Evernote User Forum. Is anything being done to resolve jansen • 6:05:14 pm Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to Evernote Support. My name is Jansen and I'll be happy to assist you today. One moment please while I review your inquiry. jansen • 6:06:55 pm I'm looking into this on my end now. I appreciate your patience, Deborah. you • 6:10:30 pm Thank you jansen • 6:10:47 pm I'm going to recommend that you rebuild your Evernote database using App Cleaner. I'm going to include steps for that below. jansen • 6:10:50 pm I recommend you export any local notebooks and unsynced notes as a backup because they have not been synced to our server and will be unrecoverable after this procedure. For detailed instructions on exporting your notes, click here <url> Then follow these steps: 1. If Evernote is running, press Command + Q to quit the Evernote application 2. Download App Cleaner from the App Cleaner website <url>/ 3. When the download is complete: open the zip file, then open the App Cleaner app 4. Open the ‘Applications’ folder in your Finder and drag Evernote to the App Cleaner window 5. After App Cleaner searches for and lists all related files, scroll down the list and select every single box for Evernote files. Afterwards, click Remove Please be sure to check all boxes in App Cleaner to remove Evernote, including "<url>" <url> 8. Download and install Evernote for Mac from the Evernote website <url>/ 9. Drag the Evernote icon into your ‘Applications’ folder 10. Open Evernote and log in to your Evernote account jansen • 6:11:30 pm The steps are a bit lengthy, so I'd be happy to send them to you via email as well so you can review them more closely. you • 6:14:43 pm Why does this have to be done. I have ALOT of information saved in Evernote on my Mac and it's been talked about for over a year now. Why hasn't Evernote fixed this problem without having their customers have to jump thru hoops to make it work correctly jansen • 6:16:01 pm I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, Deborah. I'm more than happy to relay your feedback to our technical team, but as of now, this is the best process to resolve the Spotlight issue you're experiencing. you • 6:17:22 pm I'm sure the technical team has been told MANY times about this problem with NO FIX! Does anyone go out and check Evernote User Forums to see all the issues and at least reply to people that something is being done jansen • 6:20:34 pm We do have a team who monitors the Forums, but I'll be sure to run this by them just to be thorough. jansen • 6:20:38 pm I can confirm that this issue is still open with development. In full transparency, this bug fix hasn't been prioritized yet because our developers are refactoring search. We're also busy fixing the basics in our editor and sync architecture, which will eliminate many of the bugs that have been around for a while, including this one. At this time our developers have had to prioritize fixes around other bugs that are heavily impacting most of our users. Regardless, I'll be sure to alert our engineers on your behalf. you • 6:22:14 pm OK I'll let other users know what you have told me because everyone feels no-one from Evernote is paying any attention at all jansen • 6:23:12 pm I completely understand your frustration. Would you be able to share the Forum post to which you're referring? That was I can alert our Forum moderators to it specifically. jansen • 6:23:50 pm *That way you • 6:25:28 pm "EvernoteSpotlight quit unexpectedly" repeatedly By NSH, July 6, <num> in Evernote for Mac jansen • 6:26:52 pm That's very helpful. Thanks Deborah. you • 6:26:55 pm You will also see a few people have tried what you have sent me and have not had success jansen • 6:27:53 pm I understand. Those steps have worked in most cases in my experience, so I'd recommend giving them a try. you • 6:28:15 pm It would also be helpful if an Evernote Moderator would reply in this forum jansen • 6:28:49 pm I'll be sure to relay this to the team who manages the Forums. jansen • 6:29:04 pm Is there anything else I can do for you in the mean time? you • 6:29:59 pm no thanks - I will continue checking in the forum for comments jansen • 6:30:09 pm If you have no further questions, you can exit this chat at any time. Have a great rest of your day. Chat completed at 6:42:21 PM UTC
  4. I have an iMac and updated to macOS Catalina Version 10.15. I lost my Evernote Web Clipper for a few days but then they came out with an update to Evernote and ever since I updated I don't get the Evernote Spotlight quit unexpectedly error message anymore and my Evernote Web Clipper is back & running. My version of Evernote is 7.13 and Safari Version 13.0.2 UPDATE 11/13/19: I just received another popup about Evernote Spotlight quit unexpectedly again this morning! I was hoping the updates took care of it.
  5. I also contacted Evernote support a few weeks back and they said the same thing to me. It is a known issue and they are working on a solution.
  6. "EvernoteSpotlight quit unexpectedly" has been popping up on my iMac for several weeks now - several times a day. Is there any progress in fixing this problem yet?
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