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  1. I suppose to use different tag in one notebook but at different location instead on common or general for the entire notebook. I'm working as a researcher, used to take notes with different tags like 'idea, solution, problem, etc. ' I dont want to place the tag in the header. I want to use a tag for particular paragraph in the notebook. Similarly another tag for next paragraph. If so, I may get selected part associated with the tag instead of complete notebook. I have checked the option merge notebooks. I selected two notebooks with different tags to merge. after merging, tags were shown as common for both notes. But, the tag used for two notebooks are different. I dont want to use a particular tag to represent both notes.
  2. in Onenote, i used to add different tag in different sections in the same notebook or page. It helps me a lot on using tag function. in Evernote, tag function is for entire notebook. So, i suggest to enable multiple tag function in different sections of the notebook.
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