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  1. Thanks for the info, I was not even aware a beta was installed on this iPad... it still doesn't indicate it anywhere that I can see. I work in IT so am definitely not computer illiterate yet I am not interested in doing their beta testing for them; I need tools that work. VERY frustrated that until I Googled "iOS 13 beta" I had NO IDEA it was a beta--new gripe at Apple that there is not a clear indication. So instead of tossing EV out the door my decision at the moment is wait for them to release it from beta and hope EV works or try to figure out how to remove a beta iOS (at least it's a rela
  2. I have used Evernote for years, so would like to know if the developers are working on a solution before I switch to something else. This is NOT related to data left in the Search field... so please DON'T hijack my post with that issue. I use a Mac, iPhone and iPad with EV and had no problems until I got a new iPad Air 3rd generation on 13.0... Installed EV8.23 and logged in, I can see the notes in the left column and can create a new note, but can't pull up ANY of my old notes... just sits there with spinning icon as if it's going to open some day. The issue isn't my internet connection, data
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