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  1. Fair points but I’m not asking for detailed plans. A simple “we’re targeting second half of 2020” would suffice, I think. I’m not talking about involving customers in the planning I’m talking about engaging them by communicating updates and providing more info.
  2. Agreed but I also want to know when they are targeted for release - ie 2020? 2021? My pain point is just consistency across platforms and as a paying customer I’d like to know when that will be arriving (since there are behind the scenes videos showing us whats coming).
  3. @Ian Small I understand that there is a LOT of back end integration and alignment to be done and this is exciting, but; where is the customer engagement ? Please tell us high level timelines for plans - Being in the dark is far worse (in my opinion) than not knowing at all and I think that the majority of paying customers who still remain would be willing to accept long time frames - EVEN IF you needed to change them In the future. Zero transparency on the time frames feels like there is little planning, customer focus or accountability internally (for me). Apologies for the rant but I genuinely love your product and just want to know what's happening!
  4. Same here. Very frustrating because I use 3 of the platforms every day and I genuinely want to have Input (Plus I have a design background). @Shane D. any options ?
  5. @Sahand I'm curious to know whether the there will be a persistent nav bar in the tag section? Great work from the team so far. Looking forward to things to come.
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