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  1. Sorry, first I posted here and than noticed 400+ votes post. That's why I posted twice. Next time will check first.
  2. Hi Engberg! Tags are great, but the are bit different: 1. Notebooks/folders are much more familiar for all the desktop computer users, because we all know folders and subfolders well. So multilevel notebooks hierarchy is kind of "essential" notes organazing. 2. If I am within a notebook, creating a new note will assign it to this notebook with no any extra actions. With tags, I shoud not forget to assign tag to the note to find it later. P.S. BTW, is there an option to find "all notes without any tags" or "all notes without a specific tag"? This is to find such "forgotten notes" from (2)
  3. Hi , here is an example how to impelement is (notion.so) There is and element called "toggle" (next to the element "checkbox"; "> " at the start of the line is replaced with "toggle", same as "[] " is replaced by checkbox). Here the screenshots showing 2 "toggles" expanded and collapsed. And there are a hotkeys to collapse/expand all "toggles" within a note (also it can be douled as the panel buttons if needed). Quite easy, handy and convenient. Would love to see it in Evernote. As to me, it should be a standard feature in all "non-plain text" editors.
  4. Hi, this really simple and good feature. It is already done in notion.so and one of the most often used and convenient. Look at the screenshotes - there are 2 "toggles" collapsed and expanded. Much more convenient and handy that using several notes. I would love to have this feature in Evernote (I use notion.so as a task, lists, goals and project tracker, and evernote as an "general infomation" database)
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