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  1. Same issue with no pdf, when will the update be coming as I use this weekly and it’s messing with my public speaking!!
  2. Changing the size and adding images or body text does not change this isssue unfortunately.
  3. I have auto updates turned on for my App Store, so I’m not sure exactly which update caused it. But it was within this last year.
  4. It will also show up when I retype, and then disappear once I retype a second one
  5. What happened is that I have an auto generate title. It used to replicate the title in the side menu in full. But then, back about 6-9 months ago, it started generating only a portion of the title. And when I retype it, sometimes it will show up and sometimes it won’t. As as you will see from the pic, one note only gives a section of the title, yet the note below it shows the whole thing, it doesn’t make sense, because it is random. Sometimes when I rewrite the title it will show up on the left in full, and then sometimes it won’t.
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