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  1. I am curious myself. I tried OneNote but ran back to Evernote as it works for me. Period. Also tried SOHO and others. But not for me.
  2. Just one more reason why I like this forum. 🙂 From my Startup apps list I do see CCleaner (autostart = low impact) and "Evernote web clipper" and "Evernote tray application". Autostart impact for web clipper = medium and tray application is high. Even Google Backup and Sync = high impact. Does it slow my laptop/desktop down? No. Anyway, the question is not about CCleaner (but your note on CCleaner is well noted). If the Evernote application is not listed under Startup apps, where on Windows 10 can you find these then? Perhaps the registry? Not even listed here: "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_
  3. I had this issue on my laptop and desktop recently after a Windows 10 update. Autostart for Evernote, Google Backup and Sync and OneDrive, Teams and Skype for Business just mysteriously "unticked" themselves. I manually fixed this and all is working ever since. What you can also do is to install CCleaner (just Google it) and look at the Tools >> Startup section. Check if Evernote is enabled. Hope this helps!
  4. Pity is, in my opinion, and being an Evernote user since they came into existence, they are just better than the competition. The latest Windows updates caused some EN crashes/slow responses on my end too - well I think it is caused by the Windows updates as it was also advertised widely - but a jump to OneNote (the only alternative I might consider) looks too scary to me. I tried but ran back very quickly. EN has a better mobile interface on Android and the OneNote interface (mobile and desktop) does not make sense to me. I expect a lot of changes in the next few months. Just take a look at t
  5. You will "switch back" to Evernote in no time, trust me. Why don't you just raise a support case with Evernote support to help you with this? Evernote and OneNote are completely different things. Just look at the difference in the UI between Evernote and OneNote. I considered the switch too - as OneNote is free and Evernote is a paid service (I am on Premium for many years and will remain an Evernote subscriber). BTW I use Android and not Apple, but do reach out to Evernote support. :-)
  6. On this issue Scott, (I am new to this forum but an Evernote user since birth i think haha), is there a roadmap for improvements that will be made to Evernote that is visible to us users? Regards
  7. Hey. What are you talking about? I am using Evernote daily and don't see any annoying announcement? But then I use the Premium version and not Basic. Can you please elaborate? Regards
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