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  1. There is a need to be able to retain notes related to closed activities, but not have them show up in searches by default. Basically, I'm asking that a field be added to show note state (open, closed) and that the default search exclude closed notes, but allow a means to easily change to "ALL" notes should the need arise to include them in a search. Without this I get tons of unneeded notes continuing to clutter notebook views causing it to take longer to find what I'm looking for.
  2. Most canned db type products allow the definition of a small number of user defined fields to the record definition. Many come with 6-8 in place already, and cast as 2-4 numeric, 2-4 char, 2-4 note, etc. I find my self having to attempt to use tags to flag records due to the lack of a user definable field. Although, we can put notes in the main window, it would be nice to be able to define our own notes, ad hoc in a given field so that it was visible in a column table view.
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