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  1. thanks DTLow and PinkElephant I was not aware the business card recognition is a paid feature and that must have changed recently. That solves the riddle since I am not a premium account. I will look for a replacement card reader and welcome your recommendations. So many promoted and I just tried CardHQ which is cumbersome and doesnt really save time with all the manual steps. The scannable linkedin feature was a bonus but adding a bunch of cards into contacts and having them accessible to phone/email etc is a real value.
  2. The scannable app no longer recognizes any business cards I scan. It only captures the image as a document. I have tried every possible combination of lighting and backgrounds and even tried cards that have properly been recognized in the past. It seems like that function has failed since many of the cards I am trying to scan are very basic with minimal graphics. Anyone else have this issue? Suggestions before I move to another app? Running iphone with latest IOS and version of Scannable.
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