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  1. I can import to Apple Notes but then it is not possible to export
  2. ....just fold itself away, but when I reopen EN I see error message, I see there is a wrong email address I have changed my email address in the profile, but still the wrong mail address appears here EN error.pdf
  3. - Is it not possible to search by selecting some notes then Edit > Find > Search Notes > Options ? - Save Attachments /selecting all notes, I could see a list of all attachments but not which notes they belong to Is this not possible to show ?
  4. I would need to find all notes with attachment, wonder how to do this
  5. When I import Enex my EN closes down and there is no import
  6. Would it be of interest for others to suggest this feature ?
  7. I often use highlight in the text. Can I search it ?
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