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  1. I have the same issue, driving me crazy as this was part of my daily/weekly clean up/inbox zero process. thank you PinkElephant, after playing with it and deleting/restarting a few times, the fujitsu scansnap function is working again. I will no longer update to the newer version, as this is key to my using evernote, and if EN no longer supports, I will need to find another ap that does. Inovation and progress with their app is great, but Evernote, please do not do it at the cost erasing features that are working just fine right now Thank you
  2. I have noticed that on my iPhone, and on my desktop app, search is not giving me any results anymore. I know I have several notes that should pop up, and search result comes out empty (on phone and one MacBook pro desktop platforms). On web interface, search works and gets me the results I want. Is there something wrong on my phone (iPhone XR) and MacBook pro desktop app I am not aware of? Thanks Ioranna
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