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  1. It would still be better to have it build it to evernote so that you can make replicate and use over multiple notes with different input.
  2. multiple export not working on PC and yes - retain the titles as names is needed. is an employee going to respond here?
  3. I would really love if the tables had math capability and the ability to reference other tables for pull down menu options - more like a traditional spreadsheet. This would negate the need for using a seperate spreadsheet tool and keep my notes and work together which is more productive.
  4. I have complex projects with multiple layers of subtasks and categories. Please can we have the ability to stack deeper than 2 levels. I would really like subfolder capability.
  5. It is so irritating to have to name the documents everytime I export. I suggest that the print to PDF automatically takes the document title as its name. Further more multiple document print to PDF/export should be an option. I spend time doing this with hundreds of documents and its putting me off evernote. anyone else?
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