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  1. I cant find any EDIT option below my posting, any clue ...? The issiu is that, we have two business accounts and two free premium accounts are attached to them, for which we pay. In addition to that, we have a separate Premium account, for which we also pay. We want to transfer a paid separatly Premium account, to a free one so that we can close our premium account. We try to contact EN via e-mail, but this is the "hellish way". So much time and energy as it takes to contact EN, never took even the most difficult construction project! Thank you for that, and hope he try to contact us and help us, because this is patetic and very disiponting situation. PinkElefant ... we know that only users aroud here... We recive EN kontakt person - Julian Georgiou, but... we still waiting for profesional help - that is why we are here! Maybe someone from support see this topic and ... maybe contact us!
  2. We do NOT RECIVE ANY ANSWER!!! From Evernote support! They ignore us, and that makes us angry! We implement Evernote Business in our company, for a specific purpose, to be able to grow, not spend time chatting! We request contakt from EVERNOTE regarding case: #2875553 This is very dissapointing situation! The longest contact with customer assistance. They wrote in the offer that they treat business customers first ... Total NOT true! SUPPPORT WHERE ARE YOU ??????? Ticket# 2900762 - SV_ #2875553_ SV_ Evernote - Kevin Knopf.msg
  3. Thank you for answer, but I don't need information about Evernote offers. I meen, i need help with "opening" two extra accounts, which spouse to be with Business account, and how its looks like.
  4. Hi, We bought the Business version for 2 for testing initially. During the purchase there was information that we recive two premium accounts for free. What does the issue of these two additional premium accounts look like? Are they set up separately? He joins Business accounts? Can I use an existing premium account instead of a new premium account?
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