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  1. Yes your absolutely right. Windows seems to be accepted so far... With OneNote we use a QNAP server for local files storage at the moment. I operate this at the moment at myself. This server isn't accessible from the internet. Only if pupils are at school. Teachers can access these files over a VPN connection. Runs smoothly so far - and evernote has also the option to save local files as far as I know.
  2. Thanks for your answers. Yes, OneNote is very suitable for that. My problem is the future... Microsoft changed OneNote to force saving on their cloud. The law at our country does not allow pupils to use such a storage. So I have to find a good alternative.
  3. Hi there, I'm a teacher and have a Class fully equipped with 2in1 Windows 10 convertible laptops. Pupils also have active pens to write on them. We are using OneNote 2016 because of the possibility to import a PDF to a site and just write on it or next to it with the pen. Also the offline/local file storage is forced by our laws. In Evernote for Windows I only found to choose either a handwritten note or a normal note. Is there a way to get this functionality or is there a chance Evernote will combine these two note types in future versions for windows? I would like to change to Evernote then.
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