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  1. This is a followup to a number of previous posts: Post # 1 Post # 2 (see notes starting on October 2, 2018) Someone in post # 1 suggested that this proble1m has been resolved for Mac. However, it appears that the problem of the window jumping has not been resolved in the Windows edition of Evernote. As of August 2019, the problem remains both on Windows 8 and Windows 10 machines. (I'm currently using ver. 6.19.2 for Windows.) Just to briefly repeat the description of the problem: When a long note (that requires window scrolling) is open in two windows in Evernote (one within the body of the program's main window, and another -- in a popup window), any editing in either of the windows causes the other window to jump to the top of the content after the results of the editing are saved. So if the viiewport of the second window was initially placed anywhere other than the top of the body of the note (say at the bottom or middle of the note) before the editing session in the other window has began, after the results of the editing are autosaved, that viewport in the other window is lost after the window auto-refreshes itself and moves its viewport to the top of the note. Extreeeeeeeeeemly annoying! The viewport MUST remain fixed, displaying the original section of the note's body where the user opened it before initiating the editing session in either of the two windows. Are there any plans to fix this bug? Cheers!
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