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  1. 👍 Thanks for that. Still a calendar is the practical and intuitive way for this. Sometimes we may have to check a few dates successively. Typing such a search tag each time will not be comfortable. Anyway I hope that this search tag will help till a calendar is introduced. Thanks for the reply and info again.
  2. To be more specific, how should I go to entry on a particular date? Scrolling all the way? That is not practical. A calendar (days/note picker) solves this. Touch on a date, and it should direct to entries made on that date. I can't find such a calendar on Android phone. Please see the screenshots of diaro and journey apps attached. That is why I said that Evernote hasn't yet thought from the point of view of a date.
  3. Well, just a created date stamp won't be enough always. I want to record an event that occurred on a particular day, a few days after. In that case I need to change the date of the entry. Also if I want to check the incidents on a particular date, I need a calendar. All these are needed when using Evernote as a diary for recording events. Removed my email, thanks. Diary notes apps like diaro, journey etc include a calendar.
  4. Hi Evernote team.. Why don't you think of a CALENDAR in Evernote by which we can enter any date for an entry.. and more importantly can find entry on a particular date. This is the one concern that I have been mentioning even years back, when I first used Evernote. Evernote is not giving due importance to the date of entries. I would like to remind you that one useful application of such a note taker is USING AS A DIARY OR JOURNAL OF daily life. This is possible only by the introduction of a calendar in Evernote. It is really a handicap considering the broad capabilities of Evernote. Hope you won't disappoint us. Regards Rajesh
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