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  1. I was a premium user, and already report this problem, but nothing happen..
  2. Bug Autotext Gboard & Swift key , the paste text not full, just the first line
  3. It's not link, when you save note with jpeg image, PDF file, tap the image, choose share using WA immediately image will sent like on screenshoot above & cannot open by receiver or sender. I'm able sent normally on Android 9 with Evernote version 8.1, but when update Evernote to 8.1 above the problem appear. Now I'm on Android 10 and Evernote 8.1 cannot work (cannot open all notes stored)
  4. Have solution on these Bug ?

    Thank You 

  5. Anyone Cannot send/share image via WA from Android? (Newest version) Just text (like link) appear, but when we click it cannot show the image. Many thanks for Response
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