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  1. Would you mind sharing where Evernote reported that it's only a temporary change? Thanks
  2. Apple Watch is my main way of capturing ideas into my inbox. Without a smooth flow of idea captures, Evernote becomes less appealing if I must jump through third-party apps to make my flow work. Just my opinion, but it ruins the brand when the app tries to force us to use this versatile platform in a non-versatile way.
  3. Actually, this works! Thanks I was trying to divide every project into its own notebook, and wanted to have a "Project File" at the top. Instead, I came up with this workflow: create a Project Files notebook create a "project file" with the name "#<Project Name>" move that file to Project Files add it to shortcuts Then I have a list of all my project files under shortcuts. The secondary benefit is now my notebook for "#<Project Name>" won't be cluttered with project files: mine contains only actionable items. (I'm doing a GTD type thing)
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